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Seeking a part time position as a Machinist where I can utilize my fine tuned mechanical skills while learning new skills.
Work Experience
1996- PresentVaughn IndustriesSan Marcos, Texas
Machinist of Exotic Metals Manufactured metal parts and fitted and assembled machined parts into complete units many of which were single point threads. Set up and operated conventional, special purposes, and numerical control machines. Knowledge of machine shop procedures and theories, shop mathematics, machine ability of materials, and lay-out techniques. Studied blue prints, sketches, drawings, manuals, specifications or sample parts to determine demotions and tolerances of finished workpiece. Selected, aligned and secured holding fixtures, cutting tools, attachments, accessories, and materials on machines, such as mills, lathes, jig borers, grinders, and shapers. Set controls to regulate machining factors, such as speed, feed, coolant flow, and depth and angle of cut. Verified conformance of finished workpiece to specifications, using precision measuring instruments. Verified dimensions and alignment of assembly, using measuring instruments, such as micrometers, height gauges, and gauge blocks. Mastered the single point thread technique in less than a year. Mastered the ability to build prototypes from blue prints.
1990 - 1992Di Benedetto Mindelheim, Germany
CNC Machine Operator
Reading technical drawings, choosing the correct metal alloys, working on the machines, constant monitoring with caliper, micrometer, etc. Finishing work with grindstone and shining and polishing machines, mounted finished injection molds, trial runs, subsequent alteration of the tools as well as design plans.
1998 - PresentSan Antonio CollegeSan Antonio, Texas Computer Science completing basic courses on a University transfer program. Completed approximately 50 hours including Calculus II. Received honor roll and Dean`s list, while working 25 hours per week.

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